Being One

The field of play in the third-dimensional world is strewn with the debris of the old and worn out. It behooves you to walk carefully around these impediments to growth and understanding. While the vestiges of the old have been eviscerated, there still remains the carcasses that continue to pollute the landscape. Be aware and therefore forewarned.

As for how you might navigate this hall of mirrors, we have a few suggestions…

This is a time of much change and much in the way of transfer of power. There are those that will try to deceive you that it is “business as usual” but you know better. It behooves you to look deeper at all of the elements in your life and to see whether they are merely holographs of the old or whether they vibrate at the frequency of Love.

First, do not be fearful of questioning even believed aspects of the present. Perhaps things are so because no one had the courage to do so before. Be courageous.

Second, go boldly, wrapped in the cloak of inner Knowing. You have insight and discernment if you choose to embrace it. You Know the right moves to make. Do not allow past programming to convince you

otherwise. Embrace your boldness. The new paradigm is being created with a boldness that comes from casting off chains of oppression and refusing to allow the “should” and “musts” of the past enslave you in mediocrity. Be Bold.

Also, be Loving in all that you do. If we are to live in a frequency of Love, we must examine the things in our life that do not share that frequency. If you do not truly Love the “least of these” (even though you might not appreciate their actions) how can you create that reality in your world?  Be Love.

There will undoubtedly be those around you tripping in the darkness. Be the Light that helps show the path to others. Those who stumble frequently do so because they do not see the possibilities obscured by the darkness. Share the spark that is kindled deep within you with others so that illumination will rekindle a flame. Be the Light.

Reconnect with the source of your knowledge within you frequently. Recalibration and attunement are part of the periodic maintenance required to assure that you are tuned into to the right channel. When something feels out of balance it is frequently because we have lost our connection to the Divine. Stay tuned.

And lastly, we would encourage you to Share with those around you your perceptions of the new world forming. If all are as blind men examining an elephant and reporting their findings, it takes the contribution of all members of the One to envision the whole. Be the link that brings all of the pieces together, whatever that looks like. Become aware of the One that is being revealed.

And so it is…