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This Women’s Divorce Blog gives a brief overview of current divorce articles, updates, and news to help you navigate the divorce journey and beyond. You’ll get information and tips discussing:

  • What you need to know about the legal process;
  • Divorce mistakes to avoid when you split the assets and debts;
  • How issues concerning custody, visitation, and support are handled;
  • The wide range of emotions that surface in a divorce and how to get a grip on them;
  • What you can do to ease your kids adjustment to the separation or divorce;
  • How to survive financially after your divorce;
  • And more

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Did You Use a Divorce Coach?Kristin Colella is working on an article about divorce coaches and wants to interview people who have gone through a divorce using the services of a divorce coach. If you are interested in sharing your experience, you can contact Kristin athttp://www.kristincolella.com/contact.html.
Allow Yourself to HealDenying the emotional pain of divorce by trying to avoid it or push it away can actually extend the time it takes to heal. Instead, allow yourself time to work through the grieving process.

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9 Ways to Make Visitation after Divorce EasierNewly divorced parents have a lot of adjustments to make, but ultimately they want to ease the pain for their children. Here are some tips to help take the sting out of visitation.

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Is Divorce an End or a New Beginning?When your marriage disintegrates, it can feel like the end of everything you ever dreamed and hoped for. But it also opens the door for a new and better version of your life. If you’re having trouble seeing this possibility, this can help…

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Your Ex, Your Significant Other, and YouAre you divorced and in a serious relationship, but still are cordial and interact regularly with your ex? Maybe the two of you stay close because of the kids. Or maybe you and your ex had a tight social network that you both stayed part of after the split. No matter the reason, it can become complicated when you are in a dedicated relationship with someone else.

If you have experienced this awkward transition, there is a new documentary series that is casting for people just like you. If you’re in a dedicated relationship and one of you still has ties to an ex, they want to hear your story. For more information, please email RelationshipTVProject@gmail.com with a brief description of your situation. Participants who are chosen will be offered compensation. Good luck!

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